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AI Powered Drug Discovery and Manufacturing

February 27 - 28, 2020

MIT. Samberg Conference Center

Cambridge, MA


The potential of AI to revolutionize drug discovery and manufacturing has kindled significant research efforts across industry and academia. By bringing together thought leaders in these fields, we aim to assess the current state-of-the-art and evaluate its real impact on drug discovery and manufacturing. The conference will present cutting-edge machine learning methods in this area, identify key opportunities for using these technologies in biotech, and discuss regulatory issues that these innovations bring. The expected audience will be academics, industry scientists, investors, regulators, government representative, postdocs and students.  We plan to have this event to be very interactive, blending lectures, panels, and posters.  We hope that it will become a flagship event on the future of this important emerging area. 

This year's themes

3-D structure modeling for chemical and biological applications

De-novo molecular design / generation

ML-assisted autonomous / autonomous chem / bio systems

Molecular property predictions

Computer aided chemic synthesis planning (retro synthesis and reaction prediction

ML in chem / bio manufacturing

ML-integrated molecular dynamics and quantum chemistry

NLP of chem / bio information

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