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The Desert Eagle is a great gun for people who want a rifle that is a bit more powerful than a handgun, but without the price tag. It can shoot up to 90 rounds per magazine, and its gas porting mechanism means it can use more powerful cartridges. The barrel is fixed in place, similar to a rifle, and it has six rib polygonal rifling. The 50-caliber version of the Desert Eagle is similar to a Magnum handgun or medium-bore Glock pistol. While its design was influenced by the Desert Eagle, it isn't really used for self-defense. In the movie The Matrix, the Desert Eagle made an appearance. It was a favorite in the silver screen, with appearances in Commando and Year of the Dragon, as well as in the sequel Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment. This semi-auto handgun was so popular that it was made for Hollywood and the movies. The Desert Eagle pistol was originally designed by Magnum Research Inc. but later was produced by Saco Defense. In 1995, Magnum Research shifted production to Israel Military Industries, which later became Israel Weapon Industries. The Desert Eagle is now manufactured in Pillager, Minnesota. It was purchased by Kahr Arms in 2010 and is still being manufactured there. The company has been in production since 1985. The company has also produced a 50-caliber version of the desert eagle. In addition to being an iconic handgun, the Desert Eagle is also available in a variety of calibers. The pistol can be easily changed from a.50 cal to a.50 cal. This makes it a perfect choice for home defense and self-defense. So, it is the ideal weapon for anyone who wants to protect themselves. The pistols can be easily swapped out to meet a different need. While the Desert Eagle is a powerful handgun, it comes with a price tag. The ammunition for this model is expensive, so it is not a practical handgun for home defense. The price of the pistol and the ammunition is quite affordable, though it's not a good choice for casual self-defense. The Desert Eagle is a great gun for close-quarters work, and it has a large price tag, but it's worth the money. The Desert Eagle is a semi-auto revolver that has a long history. The desert eagle has been used in many military operations. It has been one of the most popular guns among law enforcement personnel and law enforcement. The design of the pistol makes it a popular weapon. It is easy to shoot and fire, but it can be tricky to master. If you're looking for a dependable handgun, you should look for a 50-cal version. It is a big-bore semi-auto with a long barrel. Its long range is the main feature of the desert eagle. It is highly effective. The semi-auto is an essential tool for many police officers. It is a great choice for a person who has just moved to a new city. It is a powerful weapon, and it's easy to learn how to shoot. The Desert eagle has a long history. It was initially designed by Magnum Research, and later manufactured by Israel Military Industries. The Desert eagle was originally manufactured by Saco Defense. But after the Israelis took control of the company, it switched manufacturing to Israel Military Industries. It was later commercialized by Israel Weapon Industries. It is still produced in the same place where it was originally made - in Pillager, Minnesota. The Desert eagle 50 cal is a semi-auto handgun that was developed for the Israeli military. Its short-stroke gas piston makes the pistol unique. It is also compatible with AR-15 bolts. The bolt is similar to the AR-15 but is not. It has radial locking lugs and is patented by Magnum Research. The desert eagle is a popular handgun that was introduced in 1983. The Desert eagle is a self-loading pistol manufactured by the Israeli Military Industries. The pistol was designed to shoot powerful magnum rounds and was a lot more expensive than a handgun. Its design also enabled the operator to load magnum ammo from a single cartridge. The.50 AE is not the only handgun that uses this type of ammo. It can penetrate walls and body armor.