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My name is Ingrid. And I want to tell you about cold pyrotechnic fountains. Cold fountains are pyrotechnic products that produce jets (fountains) of sparks of a given height during a certain period of time. Cold fountains belong to the class of stage pyrotechnics, and are their main representatives.

Visually, the cold fountain looks like a thick-walled cardboard tube, which is filled with a pyrotechnic composition from the inside. Most cold fountains have a two-wire lead with an igniter at one end. The other end of the wire is for connecting to an electrical circuit. Cold fountains emit a small amount of smoke and do not have a strong odor. Thanks to all these properties, as well as taking into account their low cost, cold stage fountains are widely used. We think that you have seen them both at small parties, weddings, anniversaries, and during large-scale concerts. Cold fountains have two main characteristics. This is the height and running time. In this case, the height of the work is considered to be the maximum height of the fountain sparks rise.

There are fountains from 0.5 to 10 meters in height. The operating time of the cold stage fountain is from 0.5 to 60 seconds.