James Veitch
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When it comes to comedy, stand-up comedy is one of the most personal and intimidating types of performance. It may seem an easy form of art; however, making the audience laugh live requires years of hard work, practice, and devotion to master stand-up comedy. Stand-comedy has become a popular form of performance in this generation. Lots of new faces come up every day to show their talent. But not everyone stands out to the audience. Stand-up comedy requires you to have patience, but not everybody has the determination to keep going no matter how many times they fail. Famous stand-up comedians like James Veitch are a living example of how focus and determination can take you to the peak of success, not to mention talent. James Veitch is an English comedian. He became renowned for his unashamedly nerdy and hilarious digital content. James Veitch comedy is high-tech, picking apart, parodying (and pranking) the fast-advancing and perplexing technology that surrounds us. Want to know more about James Veitch visit the website.

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