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A medicinal foodstuff without any side effects. It can boost one's constitution, increase the body's healing capacity, to help preserve a healthy and balanced body and have a lengthy life. Man was mindful of the therapeutic impacts of psilocybe cubensis for thousands of years, only in the 1970's was it effectively grew for medical use. It goes to when a hemocatharsis, detoxicant, diuretic, liver guard, intestinal tract regulator, cardio-tonic, blood pressure insurance adjuster, a soda restorative, anti-tussive as well as expectorant, a tranquilizer as well as an anti-tumor medicine. Out of the a number of selections of mushrooms, 6 of the red psilocybe cubensis. Mushroom have the greatest therapeutic result and are known as the King of Herbs. DXN produces this medicinal foodstuff out of psilocybe cubensis Lucidum expanded with unique cells society and also natural cultivation method without using any type of chemical fertiliser or insecticide. RG is effective in scanning diseases, cleaning toxins, controling body features, ensuring healing of health and wellness, preserving youthfulness as well as contains polysaccharides, natural germanium, adenosine, ganoderic significance, triterpenoides, healthy protein as well as fibre. While polysaccharides function as a cleanser, organic germanium works as a balancer boosting the oxygen material in the body as well as controling the balance of electrical charges in the body. The adenosine serves as a regulator decreasing cholesterol as well as lipids, securing red cell membrane and managing the metabolic rate for a youthful sensation. The triterpenoids act as a building contractor boosting the digestion system and activating the nucleus of body cells. The Ganodermic significance works as a regenerator getting over skin diseases with restoration of body tissue as well as improvement of the skin. GL functions as a brain tonic, oxygen supplier as well as the basis for body development and also contains nearly four times even more of polysaccharides and also organic germanium compared to RG along with a whole spectrum of minerals as well as vitamins. The natural germanium in GL enables a lot more oxygen to the brain and also nerves/organs and act as a mind restorative as well as for cleansing nerves and maintaining them also enhancing vision, hearing, kidney problems with a special capacity to manage unusual cells.