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Professional Sturgeon Fishing Guides British Columbia, Canada. First Class Sturgeon Fishing experience on the Fraser River. Book today! 1- (604) 612-7850

Sturgeon Fishing Fraser River BC

The Most Thrilling Fishing Experience!

My name is Steve Kaye and I am the Sturgeon Hunter. My sturgeon guides and I are passionate about catching you big white sturgeon! I have been in the fishing industry professionally since 1994 and have learned a thing or two about what it takes to be a professional Fraser River sturgeon fishing guide.

Everyone loves a challenge – and that’s exactly what Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River is all about. Sturgeon are everything you could hope for in a big game sport fish. They are powerful and explosive fighters and often leap from the water multiple times when hooked. Spend a day on the Fraser River with us and we will show you the thrill of reeling in North America’s biggest freshwater fish.

We are the Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing Experts

At Sturgeon Hunter, our expert sturgeon fishing guides know the Fraser River – and, most importantly, they know where to find the sturgeon.

Most Sturgeon caught on the Fraser River vary in size from three to six feet in length, at Sturgeon Hunter we specialize in targeting large trophy Sturgeon. Every season we consistently catch more than our share of big fish from seven to over eleven feet in length and weights ranging from 200 to 800 pounds. At Sturgeon Hunter we purposefully and strategically hunt for the biggest fish possible!

We have a 98% success rate all year and you also have a 50% chance, or better, of hooking one or more sturgeon that exceed 100 pounds every day on the water with us!

Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser River from March to December

Our heated, covered aluminum jet boats make it possible to enjoy Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River in any weather. From March to December, our expert Sturgeon fishing guides will lead you to the biggest fish the Fraser River has to offer.